English scientists have developed Sildenafil Citrate to combat angina pectoris. A positive effect was later discovered in cases of erection problems. Experimenting in the laboratory, they have created a specific drug to deal with impotence problems because it acts on an enzyme associated with erectile function. From 1998, the drug became known as the active ingredient of the drug Viagra.
It is important to note that although Sildenafil Citrate is still widely sought by men with erection problems, the drug does not address the causes of erectile dysfunction, it only enables momentary erection during the action of the drug in the body.

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The active ingredient in Viagra is present in many erectile dysfunction medications. But before using the medication consult your doctor, know how it works and what it is for.

How does it work and what is it for?
Sildenafil Citrate works by the action of two enzymes in the male sexual process. The cGMP enzyme starts acting when a man is sexually active increasing the flow of blood in the penis region, which increases the volume to a certain height.

Then the PDE-5 enzyme comes in to break down cGMP by decreasing the accelerated flow of blood and returning to the previous size, ie the penis returns to its normal state.

To understand how Sildenafil Citrate works, you need to know that it interferes with the functioning of the enzyme, partially unlocking the flow of blood in the penis. Fits cases where there are problems with blood flow in the penis resulting in erection difficulty or weak erections.

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This means that enzymes act as messengers and control the flow of blood in this region, one of them is present in the body, it hinders the passage of fluid, the other does the opposite, increases. Sildenafil Citrate activates the second so that it blocks the first inhibitor command.

Side effects
Medications usually have contraindications and side effects, with Sildenafil Citrate is no different. The most common side effects are:

cardiac arrhythmia;
difficulty seeing;
dry mouth;
drop in blood pressure;
Usually these symptoms happen at first, then go without major problems as long as Sildenafil’s contraindications are respected. It is good to consult the package leaflet and look at the list of possible side effects.

Like any other chemistry you need to know who and why you should not make use of compositions because they can be bad for your health. If you are taking medicines containing some form of nitroglycerin, the same thing if the medicine contains, for example: isosorbide mono nitrate, isosorbide dinitrate, either in sublingual tablets or nitroglycerin or any other nitrate aerosols and in any form of use.

The drug should be consumed when the stomach is not too full for better absorption. Not for use by patients who have recently had a heart attack or stroke, according to the package insert. Also, be very careful about drug counterfeits, and not giving the expected result can be extremely dangerous.

Sildenafil Citrate has aroused the interest of many counterfeiters trying to enter the market make real barbarities against public health. They are factories that handle the product that you will use in humid, inappropriate places and without minimum hygiene conditions.

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Many of these dishonest endeavors are in China or India. The products arrive in Brazil with prices well below the legal market, unfortunately seduce those who seek results combined with the best price, in this case not worth it. Research before you buy, buy only the original medicine.

Erection Problems
Although the drug is theoretically “effective” we need to know what are the causes that may be causing the difficulty of erection. This is because Sildenafil Citrate does not treat male impotence, as highlighted before the drug only helps the patient maintain a momentary erection lasting the action of the active ingredient in the body.

Therefore it is necessary to understand how erection works. It usually happens from physical or psychological stimulation. These stimuli warn the mind to activate the penis nerves. Traffic signals cause the muscles inside the arteries to dilate. They expand and increase the blood flow of the organ: at this moment the penis is in an erection state.

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how sildenafil citrate works
Action of the medicine on the male organ
Diseases and other injuries can have physical consequences causing problems in normal functioning by inhibiting the traffic of signals from reaching the male organ. Scientists have found that the drug can temporarily block the effects of the enzyme.

When the arteries relax and grow in size, they begin to press the veins, holding the blood and bulging the organ. However, the erection lasts a short time until the effect of Sildenafil Citrate has passed, after the effect of the remedy on the body the difficulty of erection remains.