Pills Caverta 25 mg for male online purchase

Romero-Otero gives an example of intake: “If one is going to have a romantic dinner, the logical thing is to take the pill an hour and a half before so that it does not interact with food and thus be covered before 6 hours that its action lasts ”.

What are the main risks and adverse effects?
The urologist emphasizes that sildenafil is a very safe drug. The main risk is derived from the consumption of doses higher than those recommended, which produce “a theft of blood to the heart because vasodilation occurs almost exclusively in the penis and most of the blood accumulates in the skin.” The most serious consequence may be a myocardial infarction.

As for the possible adverse effects, the specialist cites as examples the redness of the face and ears, headache or back pain.

The pharmacist denies a frequent belief about the long-term effects of sildenafil: “There is no evidence that it causes dependence.” Nor is it true that it is effective for “the treatment of premature ejaculation.”

Who should not take Caverta?
The use of sildenafil is contraindicated in patients taking nitroglycerin or other nitrates for the treatment of myocardial infarction. This interaction can be very serious. Those who take nitroglycerin suffer from serious diseases. “A person with severe heart failure can not breathe, drowns,” says Romero-Otero. “To consider that these patients do not take sildenafil is common sense.” The same can be applied to those suffering from severe renal, hepatic or respiratory insufficiency, who are also not in a position to have an active sex life.

There are other isolated contraindications, such as certain patients with retinitis pigmentosa or uncontrolled hypertension, but the expert states that “they are very specific cases.”

With or without a prescription?
Caverta is dispensed in India by prescription, but in the United Kingdom a presentation is sold that does not require a prescription, called Caverta Connect. In this way, men who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction but want to have more powerful and lasting erections can also consume the tablet.

At the moment, this option is not planned in USA. The urologist considers that this is an interesting debate and believes that the sale without a prescription could be considered “provided there is sufficient health education of the population” to control the risks.

However, he believes that if this medicine were sold freely, the opportunity for the doctor to detect those cases in which erectile dysfunction is a symptom of a more serious vascular disease could be lost.

Perelló agrees that “erectile dysfunction treatments should be prescribed by a specialist who has established a diagnosis and knows the patient’s medical history, so that he can rule out associated pathologies that may be the origin of the problem.”

Beware of internet sales
Since the beginning of the marketing of Caverta, known as the blue pill, this medicine has been one of the most counterfeit in the world and most of those copies are sold online.

Romero-Otero warns of the risks of buying sildenafil online: “It seems silly. Who buys it online is putting health at risk. It is not only that the desired response is obtained, but it can trigger important side effects. ”

The COFB spokeswoman recalls that medications “must always be purchased through the pharmacy channel. The pharmacist, as a healthcare professional, can guarantee your conditions, in addition to offering us health advice. This action is complementary to the previous diagnosis and prescription by the doctor ”.